36. Topology in Functional Analysis

17.09.2014 (Wednesday)

15:00-15:25Rotund and smooth renormings of the Lebesgue-Bochner space $L^1(\mu,X)$Marian Fabian
15:30-15:55The group $c_0(X)$ of null sequences of a topological group $X$Elena Martin-Peinador
16:00-16:25One parameter subgroups of topological abelian groupsMaria Jesus Chasco
17:00-17:25Weight-preserving isomorphisms defined between spaces of continuous functionsSalvador Hernandez
17:30-17:55Parameter-dependence of ODE's and regularity in the theory of infinite-dimensional Lie groupsHelge Glöckner
18:00-18:25Productively Lindelöf SpacesLyubomyr Zdomskyy
18:30-18:55On compact subspaces of the space of separately continuous functions with the cross-uniform topologyOleksandr Maslyuchenko

18.09.2014 (Thursday)

15:00-15:25On complemented copies of $c_0(\omega_1)$ in $C(K\times K)$ spacesPiotr Koszmider
15:30-15:55Topological aspects of vector analogues of the Kalton-Roberts theoremTomasz Kochanek
16:00-16:25On uncomplemented isometric copies of $c_0$ in spaces of continuous functions on products of the two-arrows spaceArtur Michalak
17:00-17:25On Borel structures in function spacesWitold Marciszewski
17:30-17:55Unconditional bases in Banach spaces and Tukey orderingGrzegorz Plebanek
18:00-18:25On Nikodym-Grothendieck boundedness theoremManuel Lopez-Pellicer
18:30-18:55Separable Banach spaces whose dual spaces are not analytic in the Mackey-star topologyVicente Montesinos

19.09.2014 (Friday)

15:00-15:25Descriptive properties of elements of biduals of Banach spacesJiří Spurný
15:30-15:55Peetre's Theorem in the locally convex settingRafael Dahmen
16:00-16:25Bounded convergence theoremsPiotr Niemiec
17:00-17:25On a Gulisashvili question on scalarly measurable functionsAnatolij Plichko
17:30-17:55Geometric properties of Banach lattices related to fixed point propertyStanisław Prus
18:00-18:25On abstract Cesàro spacesKarol Leśnik